The Safety Net

Student Houses Salford

Here at Kexgill, we understand things don’t always go to plan. That is why we introduced our helpful Safety Net scheme. You have just signed a tenancy agreement with us but what happens if, through no fault of your own, you find yourself unable to continue your studies throughout the tenancy agreement period?

The Kexgill Safety Net Scheme provides protection against these problems. As soon as your Safety Net fee is paid, we agree that we will release you from your tenancy agreement if any of the following circumstances arise;

• If you are not allowed to continue your studies by reason of examination or other academic failure. (This does not include a University applicant failing to be admitted to his/her course or failure to be admitted on to a postgraduate course.)

• If you are unable to continue your studies by reason of ill-health or disability.

• If you leave University as a result of the death of your mother or father.

If you think there are circumstances in which Safety Net may apply, you should notify Kexgill immediately and complete an application form. You will only be released from your obligations from the date you notify us in writing of your claim or when you vacate your room –
whichever is the later. Time limits for making an application and providing evidence of qualification apply.

Your Contents. Covered.

Kexgill are working in partnership with Endsleigh, the UK’s No. 1 student insurance provider, to protect the contents inside your room. You don’t need to do anything to activate this cover, but it is important for you to check and ensure that you fully understand the protection provided and whether it is sufficient for your needs. This is included in your one off Safety Net payment.

Enter policy number HH1130 at to check your policy details.

Visit the review cover link to:

  • Check what is covered.
  • Check key exclusions and limitations.
Check your policy excess.
  • Check how to make a claim.
  • Extend and personalise your cover to protect laptops, phones and other valuables.

Endsleigh knows that life can grind to a halt without your possessions, so it is worth spending a few minutes to establish whether the things that matter to you most are protected both inside and outside your room. They are the only insurance provider recommended by NUS and have been shaping their products and services around their customers’ needs for over 50 years.
Developing products built for students, Endsleigh understands that protecting and replacing gadgets quickly is hugely important to students; that’s why they will replace any lost, stolen or unrepairable gadgets within 24 hours of your claim being approved. Their cover can protect gadgets, watches, bikes and musical instruments under one policy—giving you the flexibility to build your cover to protect the things that matter to you most.